PassMark BurnInTest Professional 10.2.1001

PassMark BurnInTest Professional 10.2.1001

PassMark Software – 25.8MB – Shareware
BurnInTest from PassMark is a Windows utility that puts all the major hardware sub-systems of a computer to be simultaneously stressed to test the endurance, reliability and stability of the components just as it would work when running multiple applications and devices.

The program exercises heavily the hardware in a PC in a short period of time. This will bring out hidden problems in order to be fixed, so that only after a successful run the computer can be used with a high level of confidence.

BurnInTest is a software more for testers and administrators than for common PC users. The software is capable of verifying hardware components performance: anything from CPU stability at high clock speeds , hard drive data writing, to sound cards, and graphic cards.


PassMark BurnInTest Professional 범주 기타 PassMark Software개발한에서 Shareware 소프트웨어입니다.

그것은 지난 달 동안 우리의 클라이언트 응용 UpdateStar 사용자에 의해 업데이트 31 번 확인 했다.

PassMark BurnInTest Professional의 최신 버전은 2022-07-07에 발표 된 10.2.1001. 처음 2017-01-19에 데이터베이스에 추가 되었습니다. 가장 널리 퍼진 버전은 10.1.1002 100 %의 모든 설치는 데 사용 되는.

다음 운영 체제에서 실행 되는 PassMark BurnInTest Professional: Windows. 다운로드 파일의 크기는 25.8MB.

PassMark BurnInTest Professional 하지 평가 하고있다 우리의 사용자가 아직.

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